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Dear Sellers (and Buyers), Please Don’t Buy Your Bulk Supplies Individually Packed in Single Use Plastic

It’s really disappointing, isn’t it? You go to your local café, concept store or craft store, hoping to start your journey to zero waste. “This will be my last straw, my last spoon, my last fork,” you tell yourself. But displayed among the racks are rows and rows of metal and bamboo single-use alternatives… individually […]

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Things That You Thought Were Recyclable (But Actually Aren’t) And How To Recycle Them

Segregating looks easy enough. Food waste goes into the biodegradable bin, paper goes into the recyclable bin. Everything else goes into the non-biodegradeable bin. But did you just –unknowingly– made a mistake? We’ve rounded up some items that you thought were recyclable at recycling facilities (but actually take more effort than just that.) We have […]

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The Bamboo Toothbrush Conundrum

We’ve been seeing lots of brands claiming to have bamboo bristle toothbrushes lately (and people inquiring if our toothbrushes are all-bamboo) , it’s really misleading, isn’t it? Is it really possible to have an all-bamboo toothbrush, with all-bamboo bristles? Simple answer: no. Be wary of “bamboo bristle” toothbrushes — there is no way to turn bamboo […]

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