Cloth Care

  1. Should I wash my cloth pads/cotton rounds/cutlery wraps before first time use?

    Yes, please! To remove any residue left behind from manufacturing and shipping them, kindly wash your pads before using them for the first time. This also improves the fabric’s absorbency.

  2. How do I wash my cloth pads and cotton rounds?

    Our pads and rounds are machine washable. Use cold water as hot water has a tendency to set blood stains and makeup. You may soak them in water to make washing easier, then it’s as simple as chucking them in your washing machine.

  3. What kind of soap do I use?

    Any detergent is fine. Do not use fabric conditioner and bleach as this destroys terry and microfleece fabric!

  4. How should I dry my pads?

    Air-drying them is fine. Just avoid setting them out in direct sunlight for too long as this may make the fabric stiff and may also bleach out the colors, as any fabric would.

  5. How long can I use my cloth pads and rounds for?

    For an average of five years, even longer!