Steel Care

  1. Will my stainless steel straw or cutlery tarnish, scratch, or rust? 

    Although our products are made of stainless steel, our colored steel products are plated with either brass, copper, or chromium. This layer may get scratched, revealing the usual silver stainless steel coloring below. Take note that once this happens, there will be a chance that the chromium layer (which maintains the steel’s anti-corrosive properties) gets damaged as well. Keep your colored steel item dry for up to 24 hours when this happens as this increases the risk for pit corrosion or rusting. Soaps and cleaning agents that are too strong may also strip the steel of it’s anti-corrosive properties. It is best to keep the item dry after using. If you are worried about all the issues above, it is best to settle with our plain silver stainless steel products.

  2. How do I wash them?

    You may use your usual dishwashing liquid, but gentler alternatives are advisable for colored items.

  3. Is it ok to leave them wet for lengthened periods?

    With all the issues mentioned above, it is best to keep your colored items dry after use. Please do not leave them in the sink for long periods of time.