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Steel Shaving Razor


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Authentic Parker 29L razors. No more unrecyclable disposable razors and cartridges to throw away. These only need regular razor blades and last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Many sellers offer “steel shavers” that are flimsy and contain plastic bits — but they come apart in two or three months!

The Parker 29L is the Unisex all-metal Razor. Its design has been copied by many manufacturers, but the quality? Only Parker does it. It is suitable for shaving by both men and women. With its ‘Butterfly’ opening – sometimes referred to ‘Twist To Open’ or ‘TTO’ mechanism you’ll find that changing blades is quick, simple and safe.

Made from plated brass, the Parker 29L will not disappoint; it’s a hefty weight and has a longer than normal handle.

Compatible with all replacement double edge safety razor blades.

  • Razor type: Butterfly Open
  • With 5 premium Shark blades


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Silver, Lavender, Pink


  • Weight: 2.9 oz.
  • Length: 4.4 in.


Genuine brass frame, chrome plated. For colored handles, anodized chrome.


Each set comes in a box. Items will be secured using recycled bubblewrap to avoid damages in transit.