T’nalak Waxed Canvas Lunchbags (Random Color)


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Locally sourced and locally handmade waxed lunchbags made with waxed canvas cloth and T’nalak woven by t’boli women from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. This is made from abaca fibers which are dyed and handwoven into patterns inspired by their dreams.

All materials used are scraps from bigger projects, which means you don’t only support local, you also support the reduction of textile waste.

Top folds down. Roll to secure in place.

We use raw beeswax and elemi resin so bits and pieces, streaks of color (most likely blue, brown or red) and white patches on the surface are completely natural.


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Care Guide

  1. Hand-wash with cold water or room temperature water and soap. Warm or hot water will rinse off the wax on the product and should therefore not be used.
  2. Creasing is normal. This will appear as white lines on the fabric. This is due to the waxed surface.
  3. To refresh the wax, you may heat the item in an oven or iron the surface over wax/parchment paper.


No additional packaging will be used for this item.


  • Height: 12”
  • Length: 7”
  • Width: 4”