Bamboo Toothbrush (W/ or w/o Personalized Engraving)


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Do you know that you have to replace your toothbrushes every three months? As small as they come, toothbrushes are still made of plastic, and imagine how many you have to go through your entire life! Here at Paralúman, we aim to inspire, and part of that is inspiring you to help the earth as we only have one.

Bamboo handles and soft slim-tip nylon bristles. Replace every 3 months.


Selyo Prints

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Plain, Personalized Engraving


Each toothbrush comes in a kraft box for hygienic purposes.

Custom Design

For available designs, click here. Otherwise, you may submit your own. All designs will be resized to fit the engraving/decal surface.

Include your chosen design in your order notes upon checkout.