Bamboo Toothbrush (Package-free)


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These are the same nylon soft-bristle toothbrushes, but they will be sent as is, no kraft pouch, no box.

Also, we are not going to lie. These have bamboo handles, but the bristles are soft nylon. These are the same “pure bamboo” toothbrushes being sold by other sellers. Please be aware that bamboo cannot be turned into bristles without plastic. We just made the color as such to match the handles. Remember to take out the bristles before composting. As with regular toothbrushes, replace every three months.

Disclaimer: Shape and arrangement of bristles will depend per batch, but size is consistent. These are meant to be used both by adults and by kids. Please manage expectations.


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For hygienic purposes (as parcels may get contaminated from the outside, or other products in the same parcel may spill onto the toothbrushes), we will need to wrap the brush heads in locally recycled paper.