Honey Propolis Feminine Wash Bar


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Each bar is approximately 50g, half a bar of regular soap. pH 7.0 to match good old water.

Net weight: 50g approx.

Honey propolis, peppermint, tea tree and sampaguita essential oils power these slightly cooling, yet gentle, solid soap bars. Commercial feminine washes come in liquid form and in plastic bottles, which are both wasteful ways to make and use them. We turned them into raw, solid, glycerine based bars: plastic-free and would last a longer time. Self-preserving, but advised to use up within 6 months after wetting for the first time. Keep away from sunlight and excess water (glycerine melts fast when kept wet)

  • Handmade with love in the Philippines
  • Discontinue use if allergic reactions (i.e. Itching) occur. Propolis is a known allergen.
  • Bits and pieces in raw bars are natural. These are either bits of honeycomb, petals, stems and leaves. No worries, it’s soap and would stay clean.
  • Color Disclaimer: The product’s color will vary from a translucent amber to a pale clear yellow. No worries, they are still made with the exact same ingredients and the effects are only superficial. Aeration, temperature, natural particles, and other external factors will change the product’s color outcome.

Disclaimer: Conditioner, shampoo, and feminine wash bars may arrive with oily wrapper or a little melted. Bits and pieces are natural for shampoo and feminine wash bars due to the ingredients. White spots are 100% natural for Buttercake Conditioner Bars, this is called chocolate bloom, which is the caused by changes in the fat crystals in the cocoa butter. Nothing we can do about change in temperature during transit. Item will still work as intended. If possible, pls buy this from our physical locations.


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Glycerine, Philippine raw wild honey, bee propolis, sampaguita essential oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree oil.


100% recycled kraft paper and 100% biodegradable rice glue, hand stamped with ecofriendly inks. Bars may need to be placed inside recycled paperbags or recycled paper to avoid damages to the product, and damages to other items included in your order.