Reusable Silicone KN95 Masks w/ Filters (ADULT)


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Much easier to breathe in than cloth or surgical masks!

1x Reusable silicone mask
2x 3D Bracket
10x KN95 Filters good for 1-3 days each (1 set is for 10 days to 1 month!)

Filter refills are also available (sold in sets of 10)

The silicone mask is reusable, washable and non-irritating as it is made from food-grade silicone (same material used for pacifiers) and can be disinfected by alcohol, soap and water, UV lamp and by boiling.

Each KN95 filter has 4 layers of waterproof nonwoven fabric (outermost), meltblown filter, hot air filter cotton, and absorbent nonwoven fabric (innermost)

The 3D bracket keeps the mask’s shape for maximum comfort.

Earloops are adjustable.

Each set comes with 10 KN95 filters which can be used for 1-3 days.

Extra refills are also available.

Filtration rate: >95% (0.075um particles)
Standard: GB 2626-2006
(We carry actual certifications and test results. DIY at home tests such as lighter/water and blow test are not reliable.)

How to Refill:
1. Remove the 3D Bracket from the silicone mask
2. Get a filter, place it on the silicone mask, with the cottony side facing up (this is the innermost layer that should be close to your face)
3. Secure the 3D bracket back in place.


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