Transparent TPU Mask w/ 12 PM2.5 Filters


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  • 1 TPU mask
  • 2 Removable earloops
  • 2 filter compartments
  • 2 PP cotton filters (pre-inserted)
  • 10 PP cotton filter refills

*it is recommended to replace the filters daily or after every client if you use this for your job.

How to use:

  1. The masks already come fitted with two PP cotton filters. No need to insert new filters.
  2. Tie the earloops in a knot.
  3. Put on the mask. The fit should be snug as to not let air escape.

Suggested uses:

  1. People who rely on lip reading (i.e. Deaf)
  2. People whose line of work require lip reading.

How to clean:

  1. Remove the earloops, filter compartments, and used filters from the TPU mask.
  2. The TPU mask, earloops and filter compartments can be washed, boiled or sanitized with a UV lamp.
  3. Dispose of the used filter and insert a new pair.

We DO NOT recommend using transparent masks for daily protective use. Please, only use transparent masks if it is necessary for your job or for communication.


  1. Is it anti-fog? No, the item is not anti-fog.
  2. Can the filters be washed? No, the filters are disposable and it is recommended to replace daily.
  3. Why does it have a valve? No, those are not valves, they are filter compartments otherwise you will get suffocated if there is no way for air to pass through the mask.


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